General Rules

  • Videos must be housed on YouTube
  • No more than two single videos will be allowed separately on a page
  • Once videos exceed this limit, they should be combined into a playlist and added to the page
  • Up to two playlists can appear on a page
  • Most videos should be embedded with the responsive macros
    • A grid size of 12 is recommended for responsive YouTube macros on HUT. This includes videos within the main content and sidebar on interior and service pages.

YouTube Accounts

If you receive a request to add a video to a page that already has two videos from a facility that maintains their own YouTube account, please let the marketing director know about these standards and ask if they can add the video to a playlist.

If you receive this request from a facility for which we maintain the YouTube account, please add the video to an appropriate playlist within the account.

Video Macros

YouTube videos are embedded on our websites responsively. The use of iframes is discouraged. To embed responsive YouTube videos, use the following macros:

Single Video

For a single YouTube video, use the following code:


Single Video w/Title and Size

To add a title and size to your video, use the following code:

#ehc_youtube("Ah2C0j4s038" "Dr. Stacy Vest, Osteopathic Physician FL" "6")
Dr. Stacy Vest, Osteopathic Physician FL


For a YouTube playlist, use the following code:


Playlist w/Title and Size

To add a title and size to your playlist, use the following code:

#ehc_youtube("boWJY8sppmY,list=PL3X_JbQ83tcmcMVZ7W-pgR4KssxD9lrB_" "Palms of Pasadena Hospital" "6")
Palms of Pasadena Hospital

Video Notes

  • Single videos and playlists will display at a grid size of 8.
  • For additional information on embedding YouTube videos and changing the size, read the TechDoc.

Floating YouTube Videos

Use the following format to float YouTube video left and right (span or div can be used):

span class="pull-right col-xs-12 col-sm-6">#ehc_youtube("0DuZejfDVaM" "" "12")/span>


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dotCMS Videos

For content not hosted on YouTube, use the Video content structure and Video Feature widget to display videos and playlists.


  1. Upload video(s) to /util/video/ folder
  2. Upload thumbnail(s) to /util/video/images/ folder
  3. Create Video content structure instance(s)
  4. Create Video Feature widget
  5. Add Video Feature widget to page

Video Content Structure

  1. In dotCMS, go to Content tab
  2. Select Content Type: Video from the dropdown
  3. Select Add New Content
  4. Enter Title (ex: hCare Hub Dropbox)
  5. Select Video Type:


    • Enter Description
    • Enter Video Link path (ex: /util/video/hcare_hub_dropbox_demo.mp4) - Do not use Video Upload field
    • Select Video Format
    • Enter Thumbnail path (ex: hcare-dropbox) - Follow thumbnail naming conventions listed on page
    • Enter Tag (ex: hcare) - Will match tag in Video Feature widget


    • Create Video structure instances for each video in the playlist
    • Enter Description
    • Enter Thumbnail path (ex: hcare-dropbox) - Follow thumbnail naming conventions listed on page
    • Enter Tag (ex: hcare) - Will match tag in Video Feature widget

Video Feature Widget

  1. In dotCMS, go to the page
  2. Select Add Content > Add Widget
  3. Select Video Feature from the left side menu
  4. Select Add New Video Feature, and complete the following fields:
    • Enter Widget Title (ex: hCare Hub Dropbox - Video Feature)
    • Enter Title (ex: hCare Hub Dropbox)
    • Enter Video Title (ex: hCare Hub Dropbox)
    • Video Options: Check Add Video box, Check Show Description box (if you want description to display)
    • Feature Options: Select video player type:
      • Carousel: for use with multiple videos
      • Column: for use with videos in the sidebar
      • Feature: for use with single videos or classic gallery
  5. Video Titles: Select Default
  6. Video Count: Choose number from dropdown (if using playlist)
  7. Video Tags: Enter tag that matches Video structure content (ex: hcare)
  8. Feature Width: Choose width from dropdown
  9. Save/Publish