This widget calculates your diabetes risk score based on the user selected answers. Displays your risk score with CTA options. The results also could be emailed. It should primarily be used on interior pages with any HUT page template also on service pages.


For this widget to function properly, the following parameters are required:

  • $webq_diabetes_hra_email_template - relative URL of the email template

Optional parameters :

  • $webq_diabetes_hra_notification_email - optional - email address to send notifications
  • $webq_diabetes_hra_notification_email_template - required if $webq_diabetes_hra_notification_email populated - relative URL of the notification email template


To setup this widget, follow these steps:

  1. Build the HTML pages for the email and optionally for the notification email templates on the actual host using the "WebQ - Blank No HTML" template and the WebQ - Diabetes HRA - Email template" and "WebQ - Diabetes HRA - Notification Template" web page content from the web-q-hospital.prod.ehc.com host. Set the Cache TTL of the page 0. i.e.: //web-q-hospital.prod.ehc.com/global/hut/widgets/diabetes-hra/v1/send-email.dot and //web-q-hospital.prod.ehc.com/global/hut/widgets/diabetes-hra/v1/send-notification.dot
  2. Set velocity parameters and dotparse the widget's code. Use the Snippet Generator to generate the required velocity code.
    #set($webq_diabetes_hra_email_template ="/local/custom/send-email.dot") #set($webq_diabetes_hra_notification_email ="albert.koncz@hcahealthcare.com") #set($webq_diabetes_hra_notification_email_template ="/local/custom/send-notification.dot") #dotParse("//web-q-hospital.prod.ehc.com/global/hut/widgets/diabetes-hra/v1/diabetes-hra.vtl")

Styles - Is this still needed?

The widget styles are in the https://web-q-hospital.secure.ehc.com/global/hut/widgets/css/webq-widgets.css and https://web-q-hospital.secure.ehc.com/global/hut/widgets/css/webq-widgets-eb.css stylesheet. Make sure this is included in /util/custom/start.vtl.

Use Snippet Generator

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